"En tradition i ny tappning" 
Design collaboration for S:t Eriks Brewery
"En tradition i ny tappning" was a design collaboration between me and senior designer Chris Martin from Massproductions, for S:t Eriks Brewery. For this project, I designed a glass while Chris crafted a beer tap. 
In my design, I drew inspiration from the Northern Star, a shape that I also found in the logotype of S:t Erics. I connected the star to Stockholm and its inhabitants, whom the brewery sees as leading stars. I thought of the dreamers, who play with the form and bring the city forward. In the design I wanted to create possibilities to dream. 
The design was screen-printed onto hand-blown glasses by BOBO, resulting in a unique captivating aesthetic. A limited amount of the glasses were sold at Esteriör in Stockholm. The glasses and the beer tap were also in use at restaurant Bleck in Stockholm.
The design agency "A World Beneath" (AWB) led the project, with Jan Görs as the art director.
Photography: Christopher Hunt
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